Kelowna Women's
Soccer League

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General Forms and Documents

  Divisional-Structure-2024.png 2024 Division Team structure
  2024 League Meeting Draft Minutes.docx.pdf 2024 League Meeting

  2016-AGM-Minutes-Final.pdf 2016 agm minutes
  2017-AGM-Meeting-Minutes.pdf 2017 agm minutes
  2018-AGM-Meeting_Minutes_FINAL.pdf 2018 agm minutes
  2019-AGM-Minutes.pdf 2019 agm minutes
  2020-AGM-Minutes-Final.pdf 2020 agm minutes
  2021-AGM-Minutes.pdf 2021 agm minutes
  2022-AGM-Minutes.pdf 2022 agm minutes
  2023-AGM-Minutes-FINAL.pdf 2023 agm minutes
League Discipline lists

  Summary-of-Sanctions.pdf Summary of Sanctions for teams
  KWSL-Bylaws-Constitution-2023.pdf Constitution and Bylaws as of 2023
Referee Documents

  KWSL-Referee-Report-2021.pdf Referee report for 2021 agm