Referee Game Reports:

All Game Reports, with any caution and/or ejection reports, must be either emailed as a PDF to the Registrar immediately following the game, or dropped off directly to the registrar (contact for address) within 24 hours. Any player ID card(s) held must be dropped off to the registrar within 24 hours.

To be emailed – Click Here to email your report. Per Bylaw 12.3, the Game Report must be in PDF format.

To be dropped off – Contact the registrar for address.

These Game Reports are used for Teams’ standings and Disciplinary Action. Standings are prepared and published in this website regularly, based on the games reports. Timely game reports are necessary for timely standings.

Team Game Reports:

Teams are responsible for submitting their game reports by noon the following day to ALL contacts on the Player Info page.

The KWSL has a Public Relations Director to look after information to the newspapers, radio, television, internet, etc. Please contact the Media Representative directly via email with any story ideas or digital photos.