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Discipline Policy & Procedures:

The Discipline Committee consists of the President, the KWSL Referee in Chief and other members as appointed by the Members of the KWSL Executive. There will be an odd number, 3 or 5 members or a number agreed upon by the Executive. They shall elect a Chairman to lead the committee. The Discipline Committee shall be responsible for all matters of discipline referred to it within the KWSL. This includes alleged misconduct or breach of any of the Rules, Regulations or Bylaws of the League on the part of a member of a Club, Player, Team Official or any member that may bring the game into disrepute. The Discipline Committee adheres to the guidelines as outlined by BCSA.

The Discipline Committee will confer on an ‘as needed’ basis depending on the disciplinary issues at hand.

When a player is ejected from a game (receives a red card or 2 yellow cards) in a game, or an accumulation of cautions (yellow cards) that require disciplinary action, the player may be called to appear before the disciplinary committee. The player will be contacted to arrange a location and time for this meeting.

If the player requires clarification of meeting date and time the KWSL President can be contacted by email.

The above also applies to any person ejected from the field of play by the referee.

The KWSL follows all BC Soccer Disciplinary Policies and Procedures and all players and team officials should familiarize themselves with the contents of these guidelines.

For more information, you can read our KWSL Discipline Policy & Procedures.


All fines and their amounts are established in our Constitution > Bylaw No. 15.

Discipline matters can be found in our Constitution > Bylaw No. 10.

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