Player Registration

If you are registering with a (new or existing) team, please ensure that you have confirmed your eligibility with the coach or team manager before submitting your player registration form.  If you are new and would like to find a team, please visit our Bulletin Board Page

The KWSL accepts “Free Agent” registrations from individuals not currently associated with a team, but does not place people on teams.  

If you are new to the KWSL and would like more information, please email [email protected].

Thank you!


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Registration Instructions

Teams must have a minimum of 11 players registered by March 26, 2023.
New Player Registration Deadline: May 31st, 2023
Call or text the Registrar (contact information below) to arrange drop-off time and/or location.  Each team may consist 11-25 players (max. of 18 players can be suited & play at any given game). A minimum of 11 player registration forms must be submitted by March 26, 2023.  The team fee covers the first 18 players AND coach(es). Extra player registrations are $20.00 each, and these fees will be invoiced after registration closes. Duplicate player ID cards must be requested at the time of registration and a $5.00 processing fee must accompany the form. Complete registration packages MUST include the following: (PLEASE TAKE CARE WHEN COMPLETING!)

  1. Individual player registration forms filled out completely. Please leave the Team Sponsor name OFF the registration forms so that, should you change sponsor, your cards will not have to be re-made the following season e.g., “Diggers” will appear on the cards instead of “Moore Greenery Diggers”. The sponsor name will not be excluded from anything else, just the cards.
  2. Parental Liability form(s) signed by the parent/guardian for any players under 19 years of age as of April 1st, 2023.
    1. Head / Shoulder photos of player which MUST fit the box on Registration form. (Passport style photo)
      Any that do not fit (including being too small) will result in the player remaining unregistered until a proper photo is handed in. Black & white or colour doesn’t matter.
    2. NO photo copies. HIGH quality, clear computer generated photos will be accepted. (FYI – actual passport photos are too big)
    3. Player name on back of photo in pen or pencil (important to match photo with player’s registration). Make sure that ink doesn’t show through the picture, otherwise picture may be rejected. For new teams / players, players changing teams, & teams changing names:
      Any returning KWSL player that is changing teams WILL need to provide a new ID picture as ID cards are issued for specific teams. Players/teams with ‘well-aged’ ID cards will be asked for current ID photos for updating ID cards.
    4. If you have not yet returned your player ID cards from last season, please be sure to return them at the Annual General Meeting.


* Registration forms will be processed in the order that they are received. Players will be added to the online rosters once they are processed.

Team representatives will be contacted when the team package is available for pick up. Any questions should be directed to the Registrar, Meghan McCourt at [email protected] (or text/call 250-718-8718, call only if urgent).

Registration Pick-up/Drop-off Location:
Attn: KWSL
Please contact the registrar to arrange pick-up/drop-off.