ALL TEAMS must submit a Team Registration Form by (2021 – JUNE 5th). NEW TEAMS are also required to submit payment of the non-refundable $100 deposit, as well as the required $100 Performance Bond by JUNE 5th, 2021. 

League Fees due: 50% on June 11th | 50% on July 15th

Payable by Cheque or E-Transfer (NO CASH): Cheque Payments – Please make payable to KWSL or Kelowna Women’s Soccer League, with your Team Name & Division on it, to be dropped off at any of the KWSL Drop Off Locations by noon on (2021 – TBD) of the current year for collection by the Registrar.

E-Transfer Instructions

A minimum of 11 players must be registered by the registration deadline in order to form a team. Please carefully follow instructions in the registration package.

Your Team Registration Package is emailed annually to the most current Team representative contact on file. If you did not receive this information, please send an email request to the Registrar.

More important dates can be found on the Player Info page.

Below is some basic information if you are interested in registering with Kelowna Women’s Soccer League.
All this and further valuable information can be found in our Constitution (under Rules & Regulations)

For Individuals:

Players looking for a team may post a bulletin on the KWSL Bulletin Board under Player’s Posts. You can also post on the KWSL Facebook Page. Alternatively, players may look on the board under Team Posts as teams are responsible for recruiting & registering their own players.

A player may also check out a couple of the specialty sport stores in Kelowna as they may have a notice board in which teams or players may place their requests.

A player MUST be at least 16 years of age as of April 1st of the current playing season to be eligible to play in the Kelowna Women’s Soccer League.

For Teams:

Teams are responsible for finding players for their team.  They may find players by looking at the KWSL Bulletin board under Player’s Posts and/or posting their own bulletin on the Team Posts page. You can also post on the KWSL Facebook Page.  Each team is responsible for paying their deposit, Performance Bond and League fees by the specified due dates.  Teams may request a placement in a specific Division, but this is not guaranteed due to the numbers of teams and the fact that each Division will be capped at a certain number of teams (decided by field allocations, referees and season length).  Teams must have a minimum of 11 players to register, but no more than 25 players.

It is a good idea to peruse the Rules and Regulations for further information.
Please note, the following is mentioned under Constitution & Bylaws.


3.  To be eligible for membership a new team must:

a) Forward to the Executive a written application form provided by the League on or before February 15th of the upcoming season accompanied with a non-refundable deposit of $100 towards the annual League Fee and an additional $100 deposit for the Performance Bond.

b) New teams cannot be the result of renaming a previous team, which ceased to be a member while liable for outstanding debts owing to the League or third parties.  The Executive may request proof from the new team that any such debts have been paid in full. (see also Bylaw 3 (c))

c) Own at least one (1) full set of complete uniforms, one (1) alternate coloured uniform colour or pinnie set, one (1) game net, one (1) game ball, two (2) corner flags, an adequately stocked first aid kit  and any other equipment essential to the proper functioning of the game.

d) Pay their team League Fees by the due date and amount set by the League.

e) Be approved by the League Executive as a team and as a team in a division.