Referee Registration


The subcontractor acknowledges:

  • The Kelowna Women’s Soccer League is not responsible for the provision of tax slips, which will only be issued upon request.
  • Income is to be reported as legislated by the Canada Revenue Agency.
  • Payment may be withheld at the discretion of the KWSL Executive should the Roles & Responsibilities of the subcontractor have not been sufficiently met.
  • Banking and contact information as provided to the KWSL is current.

Outline of Responsibilities

  • FIFA Laws of the Game are followed.
  • Adherence to KWSL Bylaws & Constitution, including but not limited to:
    • Game Sheets submitted in PDF the day following the game,
    • KWSL issued Player ID cards present and checked before each game (no other form of identification is acceptable),
    • The subcontractor is to check on an ongoing basis the KWSL Schedule which is the primary source of information regarding game location and kick off times. Where there appears to be conflict in scheduling with the schedule, the schedule will preside.