Kelowna Women's
Soccer League


Referee Clinics and Refreshers:

Referee Courses are now open for registration. 

This is your opportunity, or your child’s opportunity to become a certified referee.

Great way to make some extra cash and learn more about the game! We will mentor you and help you to become a confident, knowledgeable referee! 

SMALL SIDED – The Small Sided Referee Clinic is the basics of refereeing and is offered to individuals who are no less than 12 years of age. Once an individual is successful in passing this clinic, they are classified as a Small Sided Referee and may officiate in matches with players between U-6 and U-12.

The updated Small Sided Referee clinic will focus on the latest Small Sided Rules teaching materials, and delivery of the clinic has been revised to consist of (two) 2-hour Zoom sessions, (one) 2-hour on-field session; followed by an online exam.

Small sided course 1 – Zoom sessions on May 10 and May 17 from 7pm-9pm each day. Field session to be announced once they are permitted.

Small Sided course 2 – Zoom sessions on May 24 and May 31 from 7pm-9pm each day. Field session to be announced once they are permitted.

More information can be found at by searching clinics in Kelowna at

Refereeing soccer can be any or all of the following:

  • A part time job with excellent money making opportunities.
  • A rewarding way of putting back into the game.
  • A way to keep yourself in shape.
  • A way for students to earn credits in high school.
  • An opportunity to be awarded bursaries from local leagues.
  • An opportunity to learn important life skills such as
  • – organization, time management, people skills.
  • Potential to advance as a referee to National levels or beyond.
  • A way to be directly involved in some great soccer!


League officials are paid the following: $45 (Assistant Referee) and $80(Referee) with a $10 travel fee to go to Lake Country or West Kelowna (if the referee does not reside in those communities).

BC Soccer has implemented a new requirement that all carded Team Officials (referees / coaches / other volunteers) are required to have a Criminal Record Check done in order to facilitate the allowance of youth players to participate within the League.  This has been fully implemented as of 2012.


All Game reports with any caution and/or ejection reports must be emailed to the Registrar, Scheduler, and Referee in Chief immediately following the game and together with any player ID card(s) held, which must be turned in to the registrar within 24 hours. See our Contact page for more info.

You can send your game Game Reports with this KWSL Game Reports email link.

See Rules and Regulations -> Reporting for more info on Game Reports.

*Please note: Game sheets that are not submitted in a timely manner may cause a delay in payment.

Referee Payment:

Referee and AR payments are issued on or about the 10th day of the following month after you officiate a game. Monthly payments are based on the game reports being properly completed and submitted on time. If reports are not submitted on time, you can expect a delay in payment. If you did not receive your payment, and game reports were submitted by their due date, please inquire with the Referee Scheduler or KWSL Treasurer.Effective Immediately: It is now mandatory for referees officiating for KWSL games to sign up to receive their payments by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). The KWSL requires the appropriate KWSL Direct Deposit Authorization form, completed and signed, and MUST be accompanied by either a void cheque or a printout from the official’s financial institution. We will not accept copies of direct deposit information submitted to other Leagues.


Discrepancies in pay of an official may be appealed by that official to the Referee Scheduler / Referee in Chief and KWSL Treasurer. Discrepancies regarding overpayments will be handled at the discretion of the Referee Scheduler and the KWSL Executive.

It is the responsibility of the Officials to report: any missed payments, errors or notifications received from their institution regarding payment from KWSL, changes to their banking information, changes to current mailing address, etc.

Reporting of Income:

For tax purposes, officials are considered to be independent contractors.

Referee in Chief:

The Referee in Chief is Al Ryder –

Referee’s Website:

Click here to be taken to the Referee’s website.

Referee Clinic’s Information:

Click here to be taken to the Referee’s clinic information

Referee Application

Referee instructions forthcoming.