Team Sponsors

Team Sponsors

Thank you for your interest in becoming a team sponsor for the 2018 Season for the Kelowna Women’s Soccer League (KWSL). As an Executive, we are very excited about forming community partnerships as our league expands; currently we have nearly 800 players in four divisions.

Please take a look at our website. The Kelowna Women’s Soccer League uses the website as our most efficient method of communication between the community and players and coaches regarding scheduling, standings and all news and events.

As a League Executive we will ensure that your sponsorship will provide you with the following:

For a Minimum $500.00 Donation (to the team)

• Company/Business logo posted on KWSL Website

• Company/Business/Team name used for scheduling and standings posted on our website, the Kelowna Daily Courier and other media sources used (where applicable).

For a Minimum $750.00 Donation

• As mentioned above in addition to;
• Company/Business logo and link to your website on our ‘Sponsor’ page Regular company/business ads on our Facebook page

Thank you for considering this fabulous opportunity. If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact:

Amanda Samaddar, Public Relations / Media Representative at [email protected]
Sarah Wallace, League President at [email protected]