Getting Started:  Please take a look at the Rules and Regulations > Constitution and Bylaws page. It should provide most of the information that you may require.

As well, we have put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions:

I would like to play soccer this year, how would I go about finding a team?

Check out the KWSL Bulletin Board on the home page of our website, under Team Posts or on our Facebook Page.  Otherwise post your own bulletin under Player’s Posts or on our Facebook Page.  You can add your soccer experience, if any, as well as what Division you are looking for.  You can also email the Divisional Representatives and they may know of teams looking for players.

How will I know what Division to play in? When do they play?

Look under League Info on our website.  It will list the different aspects of each Division and what nights they will have their games on.

My friends and I want to start a new team. How would we go about doing that?

Start with reading the Constitution, especially Bylaws 2, 3, 7 and 9.  Also look under Registration Info. A new team needs to pay a $100 Performance Bond, a $100 deposit as well as complete a Letter Of Intent.  All of this is due to the Executive by March 1st of the upcoming season.

What are the costs of starting a team?

This is dependent on the team.  Each team has to pay their Kelowna Women’s Soccer League registration fee, but there are other costs involved in starting a team.  You can find the requirements under Bylaw 11.  The League costs are determined and set by the Executive prior to the beginning of the current season. (This information made available by League meeting date.)

How many players can we have on a team?

A maximum of 25 players may be registered on a team.  A team can dress a maximum 18 players for a League game.  If you are looking for more players for your team you can look on the KWSL Bulletin Board, under Player’s Posts and maybe even add a post of your own to the Bulletin Board under Team Posts, or on our Facebook Page.

How old does a player have to be to play in KWSL?

A player needs to have turned 16 by April 1st of the current year to be eligible to play in the KWSL.  To play in the Masters Division the player must be, at minimum, 30 years of age in the current year.

Does each player need to sign some sort of waiver?

Signing of the registration form is all that is needed.  If players are between 16 and 19 years of age they will also need a Parental Liability Form signed found on the Forms page under Player Info.

We paid a deposit but want to change our team name. Can we still do this?

A team name change must be done no later than the due date of the league fees.  Also, it is advisable to only put the team name on the registration form, not the sponsor name, in case you change sponsors the following year.  The sponsors name will be used in all other areas where your team will be named.

How many teams can I play on?

You may only register with one regular Divisional team, but may ‘play up’ into the next Division for another team on an ‘as needed’ basis.  Whatever team you are registered with is the ONLY team that you are qualified to play in the Playoffs with.  Masters is the exception, as players are welcome to register with a Divisional team as well as a Masters team as long as they meet the minimum age requirement.