League Business Reports and Notes:

KWSL holds the Annual general Meeting in November, followed by the Annual League Meeting held in March of the following year.

You can view the past reports and notes by clicking on the following links:

AGM and League Meeting Notes:

2017 League Final Minutes - May

2017 League Final Minutes - March

2016 AGM Final Minutes

2016 League Final Minutes

2015 AGM Final Minutes

2015 League Final Minutes

2014 AGM Final Minutes

2013 AGM Meeting Minutes

2013 League Meeting Notes

2012 AGM Meeting Minutes

Executive Reports:

2015 Executive Reports

2015 Year-End Report

2015 Referee in Chief Report

2014 Executive Reports

2014 Year-End Financial Package

2014 Referee in Chief Report

2013 Exec. Reports and Year-End Financials Package